Personal Injury Case Research

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I didn’t know a lot about personal injury cases until my cousin was hurt, so I decided to do some research.  I thought that personal injury just meant that harm had come to you, but it turns out that it’s any harm that has come to you that you can prove someone else is directly responsible for. For my cousin, this harm meant an automobile accident, but there are many different types. I also didn’t know before I researched that there is a statute of limitations even when it comes to injury.  So if you’ve ever been hurt like my cousin, you may need to start looking at your options.

As I said above, there are many different types of personal injury cases and not all of them are obvious.  For example, I never would have expected that dog bites could qualify as a personal injury case and that the owner may be responsible for compensation – even if the dog wasn’t violent in the past.  Libel and slander are also examples of personal injury cases, though they aren’t physical forms of injury. If you have been hurt, and you can prove that it wasn’t your fault, you likely can pursue a case for compensation.

If you do decide to pursue a personal injury case, there are multiple defenses that the opposite party might use against you to prevent the reimbursment that you deserve.  The most common ploy that will be used against you is that you are somehow possibly responsible for the event. The opposed will likely not be able to completely avoid compensation, but they may use comparative negligence to reduce some of the pay-out.  What some lawyers won’t tell you is that you need to avoid taking any of the blame in writing so that you are not taken advantage of. If you rob the attorney of this defense, it’s likely you may receive maximum reimbursement.

Furthermore, a lawyer might try to defend their client and say that you were aware of the danger before the injury occurred.  If this can be proven, the accused will be relieved from making any payments to you. They might also try to say that you were injured at the time of the occurance and therefore their client is not responsible.  These charges can be harder to combat, especially if you are dealing with the case on your own.

When my cousin was dealing with her personal injury case, she didn’t know how to even begin.  That’s how she found her Ocala personal injury attorney at Glover Law Firm. They were able to evaluate her case for free in the first meeting.  They focused on all of the legal work so that she could work towards getting better.

It can be really challenging to start a personal injury case if you were like me and had no prior knowledge.  Though I did my research, it was much easier to understand how to help with my cousin’s case after she talked to the lawyer at Glover Law Firm.  I wish I would have realized how easy it could be to get help sooner!

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