A Practical Look at Breaking Bad

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There was nothing quite like turning on the TV Sunday night to watch a new episode of Breaking Bad. For those who don’t know, Breaking Bad was a TV drama about how a high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, got caught up in the drug business. In the pilot episode, Walter White gets diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. To pay for the expensive medical bills, White resorts to producing crystal methamphetamine to make some quick cash.

Not only does he do this to pay the medical bills, but he does not think he will live much longer given the severity of his cancer, so he does not quite fully consider the criminal repercussions of his actions. Coincidentally, White’s brother-in-law, Hank Schrader, is the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the local federal office of the Drug Enforcement Agency. One of the themes of the show is that Schrader is constantly on the lookout for an individual producing a particular strain of crystal methamphetamine. Little does he know that his individual, Walter White, was right under his nose the entire time.

Unfortunately, the show ended years ago. The series finale was excellent (I will not give any details – you will have to watch for yourselves.). You can watch the entire series on Netflix for those interested. I myself have gone back and watched the entire series multiple times. The last time I finished the series, I thought to myself, “what if Schrader caught Walter White? What would the criminal charges have looked like?” I came across an article that succinctly explained a range of different crimes that Walter White could have been charged with violating.

The most obvious charge White could have received would have been a charge for drug manufacturing and delivery. Certainly, this makes sense, as White was the “cook” for most methamphetamine operations in the Albuquerque, New Mexico region. In fact, at one point, White was clothed only in tighty whities producing methamphetamine in a used RV in the middle of the desert. According to the article I read, if White was charged with drug manufacturing, he could have received a life sentence in prison. That certainly would have made the show less interesting!

Of course, had White been caught, the show would have devolved into a Law and Order episode with attorney Saul Goodman leading the charge to acquit him. I’m not complaining, though, because Goodman is one of the most interesting characters on the entire show. In fact, he’s so interesting that he is now at the center of an ongoing television series called Better Call Saul that airs on AMC. Earlier seasons are up on Netflix, and I would highly recommend this show to anyone looking for a humorous show centered around the criminal justice system.

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Conspiracy Charges: Are You At Fault?

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To be convicted of a crime, the offense itself first needs to be done, right? Perhaps this is the first venture into the notion. And, sad to state, conspiracy is a crime in and of itself. Conspiracy is a plan perpetrate a crime with one or more individuals. It may be as simple as a heist of breaking into a residence, together with the intent or as severe as a terrorist attack against a civilian population or an effort in the life span of the President of the United States of America.

The crime being conspired could land you in jail for 25 years with no chance of parole if itself is of a certain degree. Based on the website of criminal defense lawyers Kohler Hart Powell, SC, there’s every chance that before you even believe you are being watched for the conspiracy that government agents have now been tracking your movements to get a long time. The most innocent issues in the wrong circumstance could possibly be potentially incriminating should you see that a legal accusation can be handled by you in a level that is national. It could be tempting to only speak your way from it and suppose that everything will be good. But by presuming that many people discover how exactly to work a program, so themselves put themselves at risk they know little to nothing about.

Being a real defendant in a federal court case for conspiracy can be one of the very most stressful experiences that someone could ever bear. Plaintiffs generally have the upper hand by having had more hours within their preparation although government brokers not only have virtually limitless assets together with years and years of extensive instruction in scenarios like this. Highly qualified lawyer in this cases can provide great help to defendants.

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Cocaine in the United States

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A drug-related offense is always a serious issue and its own effects may last beyond a time that is long and hefty fines behind bars. It may change and even harm a person’s professional goals, together with their personal life, as it can certainly cause a lot of restrictions and inconveniences that may prevent him or her from living the kind of life he/she desires to reside. Besides such, the website of The Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, goes on to state on their site that with the local and federal governments on getting drug offenders, bent, more are anticipated to be captured and billed.

Acts that fall under a substance cost contain manufacturing, distribution, promoting, possession, and utilization of drug paraphernalia and prohibited drugs. After marijuana, the second most widely used medication that is illegal, in the USA, is cocaine. Cocaine is classified as a Schedule II drug by the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) of America owing to its large possibility of abuse; for particular goals, however, doctors may provide it to patients.

The use of cocaine in the US became prevalent, first during the latter portion of the XIX century among sheet railroad, work and factory workers. Companies also supplied it with their laborers, particularly to African-Americans whom employers noticed as physical employees that were better, to keep employees attentive and able to provide more working hours for increased productiveness.

Today, cocaine is also known as “a rich man’s drug,” due to its frequent use by individuals in the center to the upper crust. To party lovers and university students, but, the name “party drug,” has also been associated with it. Though well-known around the globe, the U.S. stays to function as world’s largest drug customer. And one reason several continue to be drawn to this medication is the immediate awareness of bliss it provides, which can produce a user alert, talkative and confident – matters alien to the user under ordinary circumstances.

Such emotions, though, get replaced by irritability, anxiety as well as melancholy as the drug’s effect wears off; thus the inclination would be to use it again, but this period, in larger numbers, setting the user at great danger of having an od, the drug’s main health hazard.

The seriousness of the punishment inflicted on those guilty of actions involving cocaine is dependent upon the quantity of medication found in their own control. Possession of cocaine, even in modest quantities, can result in at least a $10,000 good plus incarceration. Over 500 500 grams of cocaine ownership may result in 5 – imprisonment or twenty years 40 years – existence if death or significant injury is traced to this highly addictive medication and also a fine that may add up to $2 million.

It is going to require an excellent defense to get somebody off-the-hook and, hence, save yourself that someone’s time to come.

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Texas Laws on Cocaine

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Drug possession is recognized as a serious offense of having at least one or more kinds of illegal or controlled drugs in their possession, whether due to their personal use or for other purposes such as sale, distribution, or some other uses. Penalties for those captured with control of any type of drug may be based on the type of drug, the total amount of substance, the jurisdiction of which the arrest and control occurred, as well as the conditions surrounding the arrest. Generally, US penalties for control of drugs range from small fines to probation or incarceration.

Cocaine is one of the several illegal substances that are being monitored. It is a strong stimulant that works on the cardiovascular system as well as the central nervous system, providing the consumer to feel euphoria and alertness. It also increases a user’s stamina by staving off hunger. Cocaine makes an individual feel strong and confident, and the high after having a cocaine bump generally lasts between 20-30 seconds and 15-30 minutes (all based on the method of consuming cocaine), which is then commonly accompanied by a devastating depression. This typically causes dependency on the substance, causing abuse and additional drug-related problems.

Cocaine is classified under Penalty Group 1 (together with methamphetamines and also heroin) and the punishments for those caught with cocaine possession vary from being charged with a Class D felony (captured with less than three grams of cocaine) to Class A felony (for over 3 grams and caught inside a school bus or within a specific area throughout a school, youth program center, family housing complex, or playground). A person can be charged with possession of cocaine not only if they have the cocaine on their person, but this charge can also apply to finding cocaine, or any illegal drugs, in any area that the person has control or dominion over.This means that if medicines are found in your car but not on  your own person, you could be charged with possession of these.

Being caught in possession of illegal substances, including cocaine, is an immediate violation of state and national laws. Drug crimes each have their own form and require particular legal methods so the defendant’s rights could be properly and effectively protected. It truly is crucial to get legal counsel from someone who is knowledgeable about preserving and fighting for your rights and interests, since these drug possession charges frequently result in serious social and financial problems and outcomes. A criminal defense lawyer will have many years of concentrated training on the best way to preserve your rights if you’re charged with cocaine possession. This can make all the difference, as the penalties for a guilty verdict can be quite difficult for a person to recover from.

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