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Cavities may be causing halitosis, a painful annoyance, and teeth that are unsightly, but they can also lead to more severe conditions and diseases, from gum infections to nose inflammation. The truth is, medical studies have proven repeatedly that poor oral health is a number one cause of several disorders including heart-attacks and diabetes. While mom was right about brushing twice per day, here are further important strategies and pointers that may enable you to avoid cavities and shield your smile.

Avoid foods that are acidic

Lemons, fruit drinks, and citric acid from soft drinks may erode enamel. In the event you’re going to consume acid food or drink, consume it with additional food and keep the sugary soda consumption to a minimum.

Cavities have few symptoms

It is quite difficult to self-diagnose tooth rot that is moderate, largely because it does not cause pain (pain comes from complex tooth decay or benign sensitivity). As well as great dental hygiene, regular dental check ups are very crucial that you prevent the cavity from to dangerous levels.

Cavities are more likely to happen between teeth and in gaps

Places that are tough to reach with a brush, such as in between teeth, are perfect areas for bacteria to develop. Brush thoroughly, floss each day and think about using a fluoride rinse to get the most safety against cavity.

Do not brush too soon

Although brushing your teeth is necessary, doing so right after a meal is absolutely unnecessary. Carbs and eating acidic foods can break down enamel – brushing immediately after can wear away the already-weakened enamel. Wait at least half an hour after eating before scrubbing.

Following the aforementioned hints, together with going in for regular dental checkups, may cause exceptional dental health, helping you feel better and smile confidently.

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