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Abuse in nursing home facilities continues to be on the rise. Based on the website of the law firm Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, the growth of nursing home abuse comes from the bad conditions in certain nursing homes and care facilities or health care centers that are understaffed, and actually inexperienced or incompetent health care employees. Many types of abuse have already been reported on nursing homes, including malnutrition, poor or improper care, neglect, physical and mental mistreatment, and even sexual abuse.

It would be understandable to report the nursing home abuse if you’re the relative of the elderly mistreated, but what if you are not? It may be difficult to know what things to do once you’ve observed somebody being wronged but don’t have the power to prevent it. However, everyone has legal obligations to report any abuse they’ve watched, and depending on your position, there’s definitely something you are able to do.

  • Individuals working in health care – many state regulations need individuals working in the healthcare industry to report any type of abuse they suspect or see within 48 hours of the event.
  • Government or legal professionals – whether your profession deals with elderly people or not, many state laws require those who work in agencies that are legal or government to report any suspected or witnessed nursing home abuse or abuse towards elderly. It also has a 48-hr period requirement to record the abuse.
  • People working in the religious sector – in the event the abuse comes from a confidential resource, for example from the confession booth of a church, states may vary on their requirements to report abuse. Nonetheless, many states require clergies and church employees to record elderly abuse of any type.
  • Regular people – everyone else has the responsibility to protect the elderly  from any abuse, even in states that don’t require them to. Ethical and moral etiquette are big causes for residents to record any kind of abuse, yet proceedings that are legal that are particular can differ from states that are required to report them or not.

Many people may feel a bit of intimidated to report any kind of nursing home abuse, nonetheless, things such as these should not be brushed aside.

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